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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Message Jewelry

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Message Jewelry

The type of jewelry you wear can be a powerful message. Wearing jewelry is the perfect way to adorn your body and make a statement. The sentimental value behind every shiny necklace or earring that you own tells a different story. If you are still confused about what piece of jewelry to invest in, here are five reasons for you to invest in ModSet Jewelry’s Message Collection

Message Jewelry Is Trending - Here’s Why

It’s easy to see why message necklaces and earrings are trending right now: they’re a stylish way to pay tribute to the things you hold closest to your heart, and speak your mind without saying a word. Each piece of ModSet Jewelry’s Message Collection is designed to fit into your daily rotation or to be given as the perfect gift to a loved one. Plus, each piece is artfully crafted with 14 karat gold. Here are all the great reasons why you should order message jewelry today.

  • Narrates Your Story

  • The pieces of jewelry you are most attached to usually have a back story that sparks a conversation or evokes a memory. For instance, wearing the glistening gold necklace that says “Wifey” might remind you of the day you exchanged vows with your soul mate. The message necklace is a stylistic expression of an important memory that means the world to you.

  • Boosts Your Confidence 

  • Whether you are nervous for a big presentation or are planning to do something out of your comfort zone, wearing a  ModSet Message Necklace like “Faith” will do the trick. It will be a constant self-reminder to trust yourself and keep your feet on the ground. The necklace can be used both for religion and self-belief. 

  • Mixes Well with Other Jewelry 

  • The days of sticking to one piece of jewelry at a time are long gone. Whether you are a gold or silver person or even both, the latest trends invite you to embrace them all. The final touches of contrasting metals will make you stand out from the crowd. If you are normally a silver lover, add a bit of warmth with a rose gold message necklace from ModSet Jewlery. For example, mixing a silver broken-heart charm pendant with a rose gold “Hate Hurts” statement necklace is a sassy way to spice up any outfit.

  • Lets You Layer Up

  • If you want your jewelry to give more than one statement, you can simply layer up two or more pieces of message jewelry according to how you feel. Maybe you want your jewelry to be a reflection of your personality; you can wear the “Peace” and “Be kind” necklace together and make a style statement. With chain lengths available in 16 and 18 inches, you can also adjust the necklaces’ length according to your needs.

  • One-of-a-Kind

  • With the wide variety of jewelry available to us, nobody wants to wear something common. Wearing a piece of message jewelry makes you unique from all others and let’s you speak your mind. It will help you connect to people around you. A perfectly designed piece of message jewelry will elevate your style and reflect your vibe.

    Final Thoughts

    ModSet Jewelry is an American jewelry manufacturer that comes from our parent company, Modern Settings, which has specialized in wholesale initials, findings, and settings for over two generations. Through Modset Jewelry, we’ve made it our mission to bring quality gold jewelry directly to our customers at affordable prices. As a result, you can browse through our collections with confidence, knowing that every piece we offer is proudly made with processes that are backed by over 70 years of fine-tuning our trade.

    Each expert at ModSet Jewelry understands that selecting the perfect piece of jewelry is more than just making a purchase—we take pride in our craft. We love creating one-of-a-kind fine jewelry that reflects your personality and style. So when you want luxury pieces that add a personal touch to your already unique style, and want to instill confidence within yourself, you’ve come to the right place. 

    It’s important to us that we provide only the best quality jewelry without the hefty price tags that come with traditional retail pieces. We specialize in American-made, artfully designed pieces and wearable messages. Every single collection is lovingly handcrafted with care so that each piece complements your originality. 

    We believe jewelry should be used to express yourself and elevate the natural beauty you already exude. We make jewelry for strong, confident, and beautiful women, with a mix of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. You’ll find pieces that are versatile and wearable for everyday or special occasions! Make a bold statement or add a subtle glam with handcrafted pieces you will cherish for years to come.

    Don’t ever let anyone else define your style. Instead, accessorize using pieces of jewelry that express everything, including your mood, style, and personality. ModSet has a wide variety of message jewelry that will make you feel desirable.