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Affordable Everyday Jewelry That Matches Every Style

Affordable Everyday Jewelry That Matches Every Style

Accessories and jewelry can elevate your entire look and give you a more elegant appearance. Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift or a birthday present, jewelry is the best go-to gifting option. But high-quality jewelry is difficult to find at affordable prices. This is why we have compiled a list of affordable everyday jewelry choices for you, which will cost you less than $200 and give you a graceful minimal appearance.

Stunning Jewelry Options Under $200

Jewelry is essential when it comes to completing an outfit. The right jewelry can bring an entire outfit together, while the wrong choice can ruin an otherwise beautiful look.

Simply put, lousy jewelry can make a simple outfit look clumsy or off-putting. Over-accessorizing with large, costume jewelry can make your outfit look basic. But with simple, modern gold jewelry, you can elevate nearly every outfit to look a million bucks! Contrastingly, you can also pair understated gold jewelry with jeans and a T-shirt, for a beautiful casual look. You can never go wrong having timeless, gold jewelry.

Accessories are important! Here we share a few tips on picking the right jewelry for any outfit and give you some outfit ideas that pair well with our affordable everyday jewelry picks.

Tips To Help You Accessorize Any Outfit

One of the first tips we’ll give to help you pair your jewelry with your outfit is to start with a color scheme. Color theory can help you create harmonious outfits with visual interest. Whether you love to match or are looking for exciting color pairs, feel free to think outside the box! 

Along with the color scheme, consider how subtle jewelry can enhance your outfit choices. For example, if your outfit is muted, it might be best to consider silver and gold hues rather than vivid jewel tones. Similarly, consider your style before diving online and adding random pieces to your cart. Do you have a specific aesthetic you usually follow? Would you define your current wardrobe as sophisticated and polished? Maybe your style is edgier with a lot of black or leather pieces. 

Defining your style can make your jewelry choices much more straightforward. For example, if you’re more laid back when it comes to the clothes you wear, then you might not want to overload yourself with bright and layered pieces that stand out. 

However, we also understand that limiting your outfits and jewelry to one style is not always the best idea. Maybe you like to dabble in a variety of styles and change your look day after day. It’s a good idea to categorize your pieces so that you have options on hand no matter what. So read on as we try to help you find affordable everyday jewelry that pairs well with some of your favorite outfits.

Gothic Initial Post Earrings:

This is a minimal and personable addition to your gold jewelry collection; these gothic initial post earrings look beautiful for everyday casual dresses. These can be worn with a casual camisole or a warm cotton sundress to upgrade your appearance and draw attention to your face.

Block Name Drop Earrings:

Beautifully bold gold lettering of your name attached in a linked gold drop design, these block name drop earrings look stunning at night-time. Whether you're sporting a leather jacket or warm brown coats, these block name drop earrings will give you an edgy look that can't be overlooked.

Halo Rectangle Stacked Earrings:

These spectacular halo rectangles stacked earrings can give your cocktail dress the elegant touch it's missing. Whether it's an office Christmas party or a fun night out with the girls, these earrings will show that you're always ready to have a fun time. Perfectly heavenly, these gorgeous earrings will make your dress or work suit look spectacular no matter what the occasion.

Block Name Post Drop Earrings:

Block name post earrings are classy with a bold touch. These earrings are beautiful yet affordable everyday jewelry, personalized with your name to display in a charming flowing waterfall design. The earring lettering is no-fuss with minimalist style with a polished gold finish.

Halo Looped Earrings:

Halo looped earrings are a sophisticated choice for modern women. Intricately linked, these versatile, delicate gold earrings can be worn to your mom's Thanksgiving dinner or at a friend's garden party in summer. With four ethereal intertwined hoops, these Rocco-inspired earrings will intrigue everyone with their shine. They are affordable and sophisticated statement pieces that can suit all face shapes.

Block Initial Necklace:

The simplest yet most elegant addition to any outfit these days is a simple gold necklace. Block initial necklaces offer the custom approach to tailor it according to your preference. With a 16- or 18-inch-long chain, this initial block necklace hangs delicately from your neck for everyone to admire. You can choose from different gold options such as 14k yellow gold, unique rose gold, or elegant white gold according to your skin tone or style preference. These necklaces are an affordable everyday jewelry choice that you can wear to the office and even home.

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