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How To Wear Modern Gold Jewelry For Every Occasion

How To Wear Modern Gold Jewelry For Every Occasion

Gold is one of the oldest jewelry making metals. With its hardiness, versatile colors, and friendliness on skin, it makes for the perfect material to wear. There are numerous shades and designs of gold jewelry that are crafted to suit modern times. Gold artesians are mixing tradition with fashion and have incorporated multiple hues of gold in modern-day jewelry pieces.

Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even green gold are now popularly used in jewelry making. Rose gold is a fan favorite because it has the warmth of yellow gold while also making a distinctive fashion statement. With many jewelry designers skipping the traditional retail approach and making it more affordable, you can now wear gold on every occasion with modern gold jewelry designs!

Modern Gold Jewelry Ideas You Can Wear All Year Long

Gold jewelry is a must-have in any wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Here are some tips on wearing modern gold jewelry. Whether you’re getting fancy for a wedding or going casual for brunch with the girls, these tips will help you look your best. Enjoy!

Enhance Your Casual Everyday Look

Gold jewelry is not just for special occasions. With an increasing number of designers offering gold jewelry without the traditional markup prices, gold jewlery is now accessible to more people. With new minimalistic designs, you can now wear your precious metal to improve and enhance your everyday casual look. A beautiful piece of gold jewelry is a magical item that can entirely change the look of an ensemble. Whether you're working from home in your favorite pajamas or getting ready for lunch with colleagues—a dainty gold necklace, bracelet, or hoop earrings can instantly elevate any look. 

Accessorize Your Work Outfit

Gone are the days when women went to work dressed in boring and dull suits. Many women now prefer adding a trendy look to their office while still looking professional. You can wear gold earrings or a pendant necklace over your professional wear to achieve a subtle but desired flare. A delicate gold ring is also a good option as it would convey your style in just the right amount without being too flashy.

You can select designs that feature geometric design elements and intricately carved detail. The Modset's Sparkling Heart Earring is made of white gold and has four dazzling diamonds set into heart studs that are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to any wardrobe.  

Wear Gold on Your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are a long-standing custom. It doesn't matter if it's your first or sixtieth anniversary; being able to show your significant other how much you care about them is always a cause for celebration. On this day, you can't go wrong with modern gold jewelry. A lovely pair of gold studs or a long-line necklace like that of Modset's Artemis Plate Necklace would always look elegant. And for that remarkable man in your life, you can buy a gold wristwatch or cufflinks. Although yellow gold is the most traditional color of precious metal, white gold and rose gold are becoming increasingly popular as anniversary gifts.

Spruce Up Your Vacation Looks

If you’re like us and pack ten outfits for a three day trip, you’re definitely going to want some gold jewelry to match with the outfits! It’s always nice to feel extra glamorous on vacations. So if you’re taking an extended holiday or relaxing on the beach, take this opportunity to dress up in destination-worthy fashions. Wear those sundresses, show off those evening gowns, and take advantage of the jewelry you think is too fancy for everyday wear.

The easiest way to get fantastic vacation looks is via modern gold jewelry that makes you feel like you’re in paradise. Transform your summer look with statement necklaces layered together or gold earrings that turn casual into sophisticated. 

Browse through all of ModSet’s modern gold jewelry collections and find the perfect items that will embellish your vacation style.

Final Thoughts

Now with modern gold jewelry design, there is no need to keep your gold reserved for a special occasion; select a piece of minimalistic gold jewelry to compliment you whatever the dress-code!

Gold jewelry is always in style, no matter what year it is. And with all of the different designs and styles available these days, it's easy to find gold jewelry that will look great with any outfit for any occasion.  Whether you’re dressing up for work or a special event, want to enhance your casual everyday look, or are looking for something extra to wear on your vacation, ModSet has the perfect piece of jewelry for you. And because our pieces are so versatile, they make the ideal gift for any loved one too! So give your friends and family beautiful gold pieces from ModSet Jewelry this holiday season—they’ll love you for it!