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The Significance of Modern Jewelry in the Present Day

The Significance of Modern Jewelry in the Present Day

Jewelry has always played a significant role in human society. Not only was it used to highlight the beauty and style of its wearer, but it also served as a symbol of prosperity, financial security, and elegance. In the present day,  jewelry is an essential touch when it comes to the completion of an outfit. Modern jewelry is a perfect compliment for the femininity and empowerment of today’s modern woman. 

With all of the jewelry options available online and in stores, anyone can elevate their daily looks or add unique pieces to their jewelry collection, no matter their fashion preferences.

Listed below are seven reasons why you should consider adding modern jewelry to your daily style.

Why You Need Modern Jewelry In Your Jewelry Arsenal

If you’re thinking of updating your accessories and need affordable options to compliment your style, then let’s discuss all the great reasons to add some more modern pieces to your routine.

Style Statement

The type of jewelry you wear can reveal a lot about you as an individual. Your jewelry preferences can divulge everything from your mood to your relationship status and, most importantly, your personal style. Modern jewelry can reflect how you feel that day, or spread positive messages. For instance, a handcrafted message necklace with “Be Kind” can be worn as a reminder for both yourself and the world to be caring and humble. 

Essential for Special Moments

The significance of jewelry has only increased as new designs and styles enter the marketplace. Whether you are attending parties, weddings, or dinners, your look is incomplete without an elegant piece of jewelry. Jewelry enhances both your natural beauty and helps you stand out from the crowd. 

Not the type to wear jewelry on a daily basis? Having a few custom pieces on-hand can help you elevate your entire outfit and a classy touch for any event.

Boost Self-Love 

Jewelry has the magical ability to highlight your personality and spotlight your best features. In other words: the right piece of jewelry will boost your self-confidence by making you feel special, beautiful, confident, and stylish. Modern jewelry plays a valuable role when it comes to having faith in yourself.

Have you ever put on a great outfit, added the perfect piece of jewelry, and felt like you were on top of the world? Having a great set of modern jewelry to mix and match with your favorite outfits can bring you confidence every day.


Modern, gold jewelry holds its value indefinitely. While gold plated or vermeil jewelry loses its coloring and tarnishes just after a few wears, 14k gold is solid and keeps its shine throughout its lifetime. Investing in real gold keeps you from frequently replacing your favorite modern jewelry. Plus, 14k gold is a strong metal and is less likely to get damaged than softer metals. 

Solid gold jewelry is more than just an accessory—like our handcrafted Artemis Jewelry Collection. Artfully and thoughtfully crafted, when you own a piece of modern jewelry in 14k gold, you own a lasting investment. 

Valuable Gift

Fine jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. Though silver is relatively affordable, gold remains the popular choice—which is why ModSet Jewelry has slashed the traditional retail prices so you can buy affordable, quality jewelry. Undoubtedly one of the most valuable gifts, quality necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings can last a lifetime. So if you are looking for an affordable handmade gift to make your loved one feel special, get them an item from ModSet Jewelry

When jewelry is made with quality, it can last for years, and make wonderful hand-me-downs. Bespoke jewelry pieces make fantastic gifts that let your person know you care and that you put real thought into their present.

Sentimental Value

When buying modern jewelry for a loved one, jewelry will typically have a higher sentimental value than monetary value. Spending a few hundred dollars for the perfect promise ring will leave a bigger impression than that money alone. As a result, that piece of jewelry will not only be cherished throughout the person’s lifetime but will also hold sentimental value that will only increase with time, especially when handed down to future generations. 

The Impact of Modern Jewelry

A piece of jewelry can have an impact on you professionally, personally, and emotionally. For instance, a diamond on your finger is a constant reminder of how loved and cherished you are for that special someone. Alternatively, that first-ever gold pendant that you purchase for yourself is daily proof of your growth and hard work.

Every type of jewelry that you own tells a different story. From our dainty and sophisticated drop earrings, to the elegant and straightforward charm necklaces at ModSet, we have every piece of modern jewelry to complement your personality and lifestyle. 

Whatever your needs, whatever your lifestyle, ModSet Jewelry has something for everyone at affordable prices that you’ll love. Browse through all of our handmade jewelry styles and collections and see what you can find that fits your personality and daily life.