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Where To Find Affordable Gold Jewelry

Where To Find Affordable Gold Jewelry

Affordable jewelry doesn’t only have to be cheap, costume jewelry. Genuine gemstones and 14-karat gold or diamonds may be daunting to invest in due to their price point, however, some jewelry brands have figured out a way to streamline the process and keep the costs down without sacrificing quality. Several brands can cut down on retail prices and remove intermediaries so that their customers can get more affordable gold jewelry for less. 

Though costume jewelry is a tempting purchase due to its price point, you often have to keep buying more to replace your worn or broken pieces. Many people are instead looking to invest in fine jewelry, made from precious metals, that are engineered to last. Fine metals can be expensive, but the quality you get is unmatched. Spending a little more on pieces you’ll likely wear for decades is so much more rewarding and cost efficient than spending those pieces you’ll probably throw out at the end of the season. 

Here are a few affordable gold jewelry providers who offer stylish and low-cost pieces you are sure to love!

5 Places To Find Affordable Gold Jewelry For Every Occasion

Affordable gold jewelry does exist! There are several great places to buy less expensive jewelry online, but we’ve narrowed it down to five places. Read on for some inspiration that we think will match every style and occasion.

ModSet Jewelry

ModSet Jewelry is the first on our list because they are built on over 70 years of experience. A child company to Modern Settings, this American jewelry company specializes in message jewelry and other modern designs, like their best selling Constellation Collection. They strive to bring quality and affordable gold jewelry directly to their customers, while ethically sourcing their diamonds and gold.

With ModSet, you can buy your jewelry with confidence, as they have over 70 years of experience fine-tuning their trade. The generational jewelers at ModSet understand that selecting jewelry is an art form. They pride themselves in creating one-of-a-kind fine jewelry that can reflect the unique style of every person who purchases. You can wear any one of their luxury pieces and get a personal touch that adds shine to your outfit.

When you get rid of the hefty traditional retail mark-ups, you get more range to customize your style and get wearable messages that show off your personality. Browse through their unique and beautiful collections here.


Mejuri is a Canadian-based company with manufacturers from all over the world. They make fine, handcrafted jewelry in smaller quantities, specializing in everyday wear. They only use enduring materials like 14-karat gold, sterling silver, and gold vermeil (18-karat gold layered on sterling silver), along with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. 

Their collection can be described as simple and classic, and they even offer engagement and wedding rings for both men and women.

Stone and Strand

Stone and Strand was founded in 2012 and is proud to use “the same places Fifth Avenue brands do” to create its delicate jewelry. It ranges in prices so that you can find what you’re looking for without going over budget. Stone and Strand is unique in the fact that it divides their inventory into different in-house brands. For example, there’s Piercings Y’all, a collection of studs catering to those with multiple holes, and Pointe A, which is all gemstone-specific. In addition, there are selections especially for designs including freshwater pearls, sections devoted to engagement and wedding rings, and so much more. 

When you purchase from Stone and Strand, you’ll find a range of “notice-me” jewelry and classic everyday jewelry you can wear with everything.


Aurate is a New York City company that designs and manufacturers all its creations in-house and sells them directly to customers. As a result, they are affordable because you don’t have to deal with insane retail markups or import taxes baked into the price. Additionally, Aurate uses ethically sourced and sustainably made 14k gold, 18k gold, or 14k gold-plated vermeil. This brand has been rising in popularity because of its broad range of styles. Choose from everyday basics or more unique pieces like Art Deco fan rings. Most of their works are made to order, and with every order, Aurate donates a book to a charter-school network in Philadelphia.


GLDN is another handmade and customizable jewelry option. They specialize in classic hoops and feminine pendants, and every piece is made to order, making every piece just a little more unique. In addition, the brand caters to many different tastes, which allows shoppers to choose the material and shape they want. From sterling silver to gold and more, customers get to choose their look and customize it precisely. 

Plus, GLDN donates 10% of its profits to charities, including the Global Fund for Women, the National Immigration Law Center, and She Should Run.

What Do You Think?

What did you think of our five choices? Did you see anything you’d like? Many affordable gold jewelry providers design pieces that are not only made to last in terms of durability but also in terms of style. 

Fashion is relative, and trends change day to day, but the right gold jewelry pieces are timeless and can complement nearly any outfit!