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Your Guide To Keepsake Jewelry

Your Guide To Keepsake Jewelry

What is keepsake jewelry? In the jewelry world there are many different styles and categories of necklaces, rings, and bracelets. One such category is keepsake jewelry, which is quite common in traditional jewelry stores. 

Keepsake jewelry is quite diverse; it can be used to celebrate and honor wedded bliss with wedding bands, or even a loved one’s passing through cremation jewelry. 

Types of Keepsake Jewelry and How To Start Your Collection

If you have never heard of keepsake jewelry, let us break it down for you. It is more than just an accessory to go with our outfits; it is a way to remember someone or something and always hold them close.

Some classic keepsake jewelry pieces include memorial jewelry, wedding bands, promise rings, and sometimes even using a loved one’s ashes to create urn jewelry. 

Keepsake Jewelry

Keepsake jewelry can help memorialize a loved one once they pass away, or celebrate the love you have for someone today. This genre of jewelry is popular in honoring the memory of your loved one or staying connected to someone special. Below are some popular styles of keepsake jewelry.

Photo Locket

Photo lockets are quite common. Usually in the shape of a heart or a circle, these necklaces hold a small photo of your loved one. Photo lockets are a popular choice among couples. You can also put a photo of anyone close to you— like your children, parents or grandparents, and even your pet! 


Each month has its own unique birthstone. For example, those born in May have Emerald as their birthstone; September have Sapphire. Incorporating the birthstone of a loved one in your jewelry is a popular trend. It is both subtle and beautiful, and you can honor them without going over the top.

Promise Rings

Promise rings are an excellent type of keepsake jewelry. Often given as a token of love and commitment, promise rings are perfect in reminding you of your special someone. Just like wedding bands, promise rings can be passed down to your children as well, to give to their special someone. ModSet Jewelry has a lovely collection of subtle and dainty promise rings.  


Another way to keep your loved ones close to you is by wearing jewelry that carries their initials or names. ModSet has an excellent collection of initial rings, initial necklaces, and even name earrings. These 14k gold accessories are both fashionable and symbolic of your loved one.

Memorial & Cremation Keepsake Jewelry

Losing your loved one is a harrowing ordeal to go through, and if you cremate them, you might be confused about what to do with the ashes. Keeping them in an urn is common practice, but you can also make cremation keepsake jewelry out of the ashes.


These urn pendants are created with a small container that can accommodate a small amount of ashes of your loved one, and you can always keep it close to you.


Did you know that you can now turn ashes into memorial diamonds? These diamonds look beautiful and are a sweet tribute to your loved one. 

You could also turn ashes into other cremation stones that can’t be transformed into jewelry but can still be placed around the house as a touching reminder.

Cross Pendant

This is another urn pendant in the shape of a cross that can hold the ashes of your loved one. You could also do this with other religious symbols. 


If you prefer rings over other kinds of jewelry, you can have a cremation ring created using different metals. These rings can store the ashes of your loved ones. These are common when you lose your spouse or partner.

Start Your Keepsake Collection With ModSet

Maybe you haven’t lost anyone close to you yet, and you don’t need jewelry to remember them by. Instead, perhaps you’re looking for affordable jewelry to create your own collection of pieces you can someday pass on to your family members. 

ModSet has several collections of jewelry that you will love. Affordable gold jewelry inspired by constellations, the night sky, love, and more. Custom jewelry is one of the best ways to honor life’s most significant moments and challenges too. Whether you want to be remembered after you're gone or want to keep the memory of a loved one close to you, gold jewelry handcrafted by people who care is an excellent choice. We all like to keep our favorite memories alive, and beautiful jewelry we can wear every day is a great way to do that. Plus, they make great gifts you can pass out to multiple family members or keep until it’s time to pass it on to your loved ones.

Browse through some of the following collections and see if any of these speak to you as potential jewelry you can add to your own personal trove.